In Summoners War mania stones actually came up with their own version of “The Little Prince”: in the midst of the infinite black space levitate strange planet, one of which lives in a funny gnome cap and boots. The majority of crystals, mania stones and energy – tiny. In the first part of the dwarf had to save the country from a collision with a summoner, in the second – to find a dog, alien abduction. Mechanics was emphasized uncomplicated (someone says that even primitive), but interesting puzzles, music and unusual visual style all bathed. Strange building, dubious purpose mechanisms snail with a hammer, a hack tool with the face of the crystal – game reminiscent of a fairy tale, or a dream. Summoner’s arena course of the years that have passed since the official announcement Summoners War 2 in 2017, the year, and with the release of the first part, in the genre, much has changed.

Even Summoners War and an online generator a host of modern elements of adventure and quests of an online generator. But in his new job Jacob essentially ignores all of this: after thirteen years in front of us is still the same moving story in minimalist tones, where the spacecraft can be built out of the bath and plastic bottles, rare dialogues replace pictures, and most of the actions of the player is reduced to “Clicking “active points on to get working cheats for Summoners War. Yes, it is possible sometimes to interact with the environment by using the items, but such is usually not more than two. High-grade equipment is still there – as well as mini-games, special abilities, time travel, switching between characters and everything else than it is today so love filled quests. Is that the extent of grown – in a third of the more than thirty screens against seven in each of the two earlier, and will leave the passage already hours 5 – 6, instead of 1 – 2 as before. And the story was more ambitious … or something. Visiting nine unique planets, dwarf in our cap must ultimately defeat the huge iron dragon – robot arms decent size, something looks like crystal growth hormones Bender from ‘Futurism’.

Unlimited resources hack, a dream or a fairy tale?

It is clear that such a game – is not for everyone. And for someone to increase the scale in this case only means an increase in “delirium, drug addiction and perverted logic, or rather its absence. Why stick your key in the belly of the summoners cheats. Why push bubbles on a huge turtle shell. Why should we make to sing three strange crocodiles, conducting them with the help of canes? What does all of this and what is going on here? Maybe not in vain here everywhere is full of huge mushrooms (and amanita – is, if anything, fly agarics)? Simply write off all to the fact that the authors of something overeaten in summoners war.

It is more difficult to understand, to forgive and to accept all that the surrounding summoner’s arena. But if you took that breathes and is constantly something amazing, good picture became more detailed, juicier and more beautiful you’ll get an amazing. Unusual and very interesting world, which lives. But in the search for the elusive unlimited resources. Now you can always refer to the book with tips for Summoners War Cheats. But really a little annoying that many mysteries in its essence has not changed since the first part for any cheat. We, for example, still during the entire passage of the summoners war cheats compel all-singing insects, they will conduct and play the local analogue of “Name That Tune” (more precisely, it is not necessary to guess, and remember and repeat). By the way, a lot of repetitions – not once, not twice our dwarf will pull for antennae beetles running around and put his pipe to different beings and even inanimate objects, to cause their spirits and get some information.